IMG_3903I am a woman who just turned 50. I am a black woman who is a Buddhist with the SGI-USA. I have chronic illnesses that I fight daily, including fibromyalgia,and that has changed me in many ways but I’m still here never giving up. I have thoughts, wisdom, ideas and humor to share. I am a Warrior! I am Winning in my own life everyday! Truly winning in all aspects of life is using my faith like a Lion Queen.

I will use my writing to help myself and others get through the good and the tough days. Writing will be a tool to keep my mind sharp and still contribute to the world. Many do not understand chronic pain or the illnesses that I have or how they negatively affect the body, mind and spirit. I hope to enlighten those in the dark, so that compassion grows towards those of us who look great on the outside, but hurt, ache and are barely making it day to day from pain.

You will take the adventure with me, I’ll talk  about being a Buddhist, just like anyone whose faith is important to them. Becoming a Buddhist has changed my outlook towards my life and myself. I have developed courage and faced things, I thought would have destroyed me.

You never know where life will take you. I’ll try to publish something for you every few weeks. Warriors Never Quit. I’ll Never Give Up.

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